Idaho Oregon Awana


Role of the Missionary

Children's Ministry Advocate
Serves as a resource for pastors and church leaders Promotes child evangelism and discipleship
Encourages outreach to children leadership

Church Consultant
Build relationships with church leadership
Influences the church to ensure the highest impact in the community

Leadership Developer
Trains volunteers and leaders in local churches
Works closely with Rorheim Institute Ambassadors

Team Builder
Forms and manages a team of volunteers that conduct Awana special events and church leader training

Our Hope
That all children and youth throughout the world will come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ

Our Vision

To be a strategic partner with churches and ministries in a global effort to ensure the opportunity for all children and youth to be evangelized and discipled in Christ
Our Mission
To work with our ministry partners in creating and disseminating integrated programs, tools and training that equip leaders to evangelize and disciple children and youth for Christ